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Field and Volunteer Management

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  • Forum - Field Plan
    Creating and assembling a field plan, which includes a plan for voter targeting and outreach to voters. This…
  • Forum - District Analysis
    Understanding the demographics of your district, the historical voting trends, current registration numbers, how to find historical records,…
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  • Forum - Voter Targeting
    Building on district analysis to determine estimated voter turnout, the number of voters you need to win, the…
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  • Forum - Voter Contact
    Best practices for methods of contacting voters including canvassing/door-knocking, phone banking, texting, lit drops, rallies, community events, etc.
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  • Forum - Volunteer Management
    How to recruit volunteers, working with volunteers, volunteer tasks and events, etc.
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  • Forum - GOTV
    Discussion about Get Out The Vote activities and other campaign-related activities in the short lead-up to election day.
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