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  • Rules of the Road

    Posted by Craig Grella on November 27, 2020 at 4:32 pm

    As an online forum, we have official terms and conditions, a privacy policy, and user guidelines.

    • The terms govern access to the site, products and services, age requirements, and other important information you agree to by using this site.
    • The privacy policy discusses how we use information you add to this site, its forums, and other areas – like your personal profile.
    • The user guidelines govern what can and cannot be posted on this site.

    Together, these three documents and policies make up the rules of the road for and we assume that by using this site you have read these policies, understand them, and agree to them.

    If you do not understand these policies, we encourage you to contact us by leaving us a reply here or by dropping an email to

    There is one overarching principle we hope you will follow when using our site: BE RESPECTFUL.

    Be Respectful

    What does it mean to be respectful? Well, we think you learned all about that in third grade, but in case you forgot, being respectful means that you recognize those around you might have different points of view than you and that you appreciate those points of view for being unique to that individual who has them, even if you disagree with them.

    When we are respectful of others, we can have conversations with them even when we disagree. We seek to understand, and sometimes, even to change the minds of others. Conversations can facilitate that type of exchange, can educate, and can foster further discussions. But in conversing, we should never harass, make fun of, condescend, dismiss, or intimidate others just because they have a different point of view than we. This is especially important on a site like this where so much of our material is the written word, where things like sarcasm can be easily misunderstood. Think about that before posting something that you may think is innocent, but which actually hurts others.

    Politics, and life, can become partisan. Sometimes we reach an impasse with others, and when that happens we should agree to disagree and discontinue the conversation. There will be time for other conversations on that topic or similar topics, perhaps with additional points of view or with a different understanding that only time can create.


    Be respectful and understand the official terms, privacy policy, and user guidelines. Do that, and we promise you’ll enjoy your time here!

    Now go ahead and introduce yourself so others can get to know you.

    Craig Grella replied 2 years, 7 months ago 1 Member · 0 Replies
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